IT consulting & system administrator

Furaco IT: The name of your IT division

You can focus on your business and forget the problems of your IT: the best technology, in the easiest way.

Furaco works with the aim of eliminating any IT issues and concerns, from the ordinary labor deployment and management to the most advanced systems on the market today.

Being updated on the latest news, is a part of our job with the purpose of being able to present only products with high functional performance and make differentiation with respect to the others, the best technology, in the easiest way.

Our best merit is the reliability of the system that we implement. We offer any technical support, but you won’t need it.


FURACO IT MANAGING & CONSULTING born by constant attention of emerging technologies and decades of experience in the computer field.

Furaco believes in the value of each customer, acting as a unique reference for all products and services, and formulating effective solutions which are targeted to your needs and being a promoter of initiatives that contribute to the growth of the customer.

A key aspect of our highly qualified professional team is: offering a technical support service based on two key points: speed and skill for an effective solution of the problem.

The company is a brand leader in the market and offers trading, renting and assisting to servers and personal computers.

Furaco specializes in the design, implementation and management of innovative information technology systems; particularly in the engineering of enterprise network integration with cloud systems, wireless connections, WAN links and UTM.

All solutions are selected through evaluation of existing resources, providing maximum ease of use combined with the latest technology.

The objective is to implement a system to be avant-garde and more scalable than the new demands that may occur.