Consulting system 

What is the consulting system

Furaco in systems consulting services focuses on IT.
Our system consultancy deals with the usefulness to make the activity of the IT division more strategic and functional and to make the organization as a whole more competitive Our planning models are developed taking into account the needs and ambitions of each client, because each component of the IT systems becomes an integral part of your strategic assets.


Our goal is to create a network infrastructure and services that minimize management problems and improve the IT system as a whole.


Analyzing and monitoring the risks associated with accidental attacks and / or accidental loss is the first defense in the IT field.

Management of risks related to information systems of Furaco IT is not limited to the safety of equipment and technology and data, but starting from a preliminary study monitors and studies the subsequent actions and protection solutions in order to keep the system up to date IT as a whole.

How do we identify the possible risks / attacks on your IT infrastructure?

  1. 1. We analyze the existing IT environment - Penetration Test.
  2. 2. We highlight the potential problems that may arise
  3. 3. We implement a defense plan
  4. 4. We restore the functions if your company is subject to vulnerable scenarios

The purpose of IT Risk Management

  1. 1. Minimize the consequences and negative impacts on your business and internal and external business management
  2. 2. Minimize the damage and risks when there is a crisis or an unforeseen event
  3. 3. Manage unexpected situations in the best possible way
  4. 4. Take recovery procedures to get back to normal as quickly as possible