Consulting system 

What is the consulting system

Furaco in systems consulting services focuses on IT.
Our system consultancy deals with the usefulness to make the activity of the IT division more strategic and functional and to make the organization as a whole more competitive Our planning models are developed taking into account the needs and ambitions of each client, because each component of the IT systems becomes an integral part of your strategic assets.


Our goal is to create a network infrastructure and services that minimize management problems and improve the IT system as a whole.


IT Business Impact Analysis is the method used to determine the business impacts of the new IT project implemented..

Our goal is to support the IT staff both during the project formulation process and in the proposal phase, transforming the IT division from a mere cost center to a strategic division within the company organization.

Criteria for the impact on costs and return on investments:

Strong reduction in Total Cost of Operations TCO (Gartner method for IT lifecycle;

High returns on IT investments - ROI over 3 years - due to:

  • Reduction of maintenance
  • Reduction of licensing and hardware costs for scalability and replacement
  • Reduction of electricity and space consumption
  • Reduction of IT system management time
  • Reduce downtime, downtime, IT systems and business productivity.

  • Criteria to facilitate IT management

  • lT Governance through usability and complexity reduction;
  • IT Key Performance Indicator through a single measurement interface;
  • Monitoring, Control, and Log;;
  • Efficient maintenance and support with SLA Service Level Agreements on Networking, Security, Server & Storage;;
  • Furaco added value services.
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